Why does my business need marketing?

"When I worked in small and medium sized businesses, I noticed something. When we outsourced marketing to agencies, the cost and quality would vary dramatically."

Small business digital marketing can often be labeled as expensive and resource intensive. However, digital marketing does provide clear benefits over offline channels including:

  • Increased brand awareness and opportunities to engage with new customers
  • Lower costs and improved metrics to calculate an accurate ROI
  • Improved advertising solutions allowing you to monitor spend more effectively

These are some of the most common reasons businesses look at digital marketing as a way to reach new audiences, more effectively and with less resource. Desk Digital can help you achieve the results using techniques suitable for small business digital marketing.

What makes Desk Digital different?
We keep our costs low by taking a virtual approach to work - with a network of local and trusted specialists, we work from our desks, keeping our overheads to a minimum and passing the savings onto our clients.

So is everything virtual?
Not quite - if you would like a face to face meeting, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. The beauty of small business digital marketing is we can do everything virtually which keeps the costs low for your business. If you prefer a Skype call when your on the go, we can do that to. Every client is given a point of contact throughout your project.

What do you offer?
Because of our boutique nature, we offer graphic design, web design and copywriting and content services. If you need a flyer designed or a website built - we can help you. Plus, your first consultation with us is completely free.

That’s great but how much will it cost?
As we’re small in nature but big on service, we’re able to work to your budget and create bespoke packages around you. You get expert service but at an affordable price - every time.

So what’s in it for you?
We love that warm fuzzy feeling we get from helping a business on their campaigns but we’re also results driven to. We’ll work hard to meet your campaign goals and take you step-by-step through the process. We live and breathe digital - so your in safe hands.

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